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Planting With Spirit Boston : An  Introductory Urban Growing Program with Afro Diasporan Spiritual Practice

Planting with spirit is a  6 Month hybrid course that was created to provide the participant with an experience that delves into connecting with the earth through 3 specific perspectives, agriculturally, spiritually, and medicinally. This course  provides hands-on urban agricultural experiences along with introductory-level education on the elements of urban agriculture and planting, Tapping into the energy of the earth for healing and ritual

Introductory level knowledge of the Historical uses and applications of plant medicines

Gain a deeper understanding of how to connect to your garden space through spiritual practice, ritual and ancestral veneration

We will be exploring ancestral practices in farming, The African American Contribution to Farming in America,The history of Hoodoo, Hands on Urban farming Experiences, Historical and current uses of Afro/indigenous Ancestral Entheogens, and Much more!

Planting with Spirit Boston is a 6-month program that serves as a Sacred space for BIPOC to reconnect to land by dispelling and unpacking land aversion due to the trauma of our enslaved ancestors,by reclaiming green spaces, and becoming more aware and connected to the plant life in our Urban setting.

We farm in alignment with the ways of our ancestors honoring the earth and plant spirits as living beings that we are privileged to be in relationship with.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the purpose and relationship of the practitioner within the conjure garden. This class is hands-on mixed with learning-intensive deep dives into the curriculum, community Urban farming rituals.

Urban Foraging 101 

Class Community Rituals

Guest speakers

Field Trips


Course info: The Course Runs from May- October with a completion ceremony at the end.

The cost of  the course is $1.200

Payment Plans are available 

Register Below For an invitation to the Info session in March!

Registering just holds your seat for the MARCH INFO SESSION You are not locked in to Pay till  APRIL 

if you choose to move forward after the info session

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