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            Here at Sabrina's Garden we connect with our community Through the Earth and Through Energy. 

             We offer Services that can help you reconnect yourself back to nature and back to self . 

         Replenish your connection with one of our services below 


( Indoors and in Garden during summer ) 

Reiki is A Japanese Healing Modality that can balance the energetic body and Auric field while promoting the release of suppressed energies,reenergizing of our chakra system and auric field.

 During the Summer Sabrina offers Reiki Sessions in the Garden and incorporates floral energy into the sessions. Sound and Aroma Relaxation comes with all sessions.

Shamanic Dance Session 

Shamanic Dance  invites us to explore our inner landscape through movement and sound . Experience a  guided healing dance meditation with blindfold to encourage sensory deprivation to really allow the body to connect to its inner process through music and movement. 

Sabrina will guide you through a session , create and hold space for you  and teach you simple movement and breathing  techniques to open your body up and allow for your dancing spirit to feel ignited within.

This is NOT a dance class this is a healing Dance Meditation journey 

Garden Relaxation Session

Garden Relaxation sessions were born when Sabrina noticed the healing benefit of talking and storytelling while in the soil. The earth being a grounding force automatically sets a beautiful landscape for the sessions and Sabrina shows clients how to tap into that energy for their own energetic wellness. Sessions are held 1 on 1 in the garden.  Clients are guided in Visualization meditation and breathing exercises along with earthing to ground and balance themselves. Explore the garden and learn how to incorporate its natural ebb and flow into your healing journey and cultivate these practices on your own. Mini Reiki, Sound relaxation, and Flower Bath  included 

We will focus on what makes you bloom and what needs to be watered.

Reiki 1 hr  $75.00

Reiki 30 mins $40

Shamanic Dance Session 1-1  1 hr 60 $65 ( group sessions available)

Garden Relaxation Session 2 Hrs  $125  

If you are experiencing financial hardship and would still like to partake in service for your well-being please reach out for our equity sliding scale pricing.

What our customers are saying

I  was so loved upon and cared for. What a delicious experience. So much clearing and releasing in that session with you. I am 20 lbs. lighter spiritually and emotionally. Thank you Sabrina Pilet-Jones for your Magic

-Elder Mother Lula Christopher

Re- establishing connection with Spirit thru dance is possible. Thank you Sabrina Pilet-Jones for the reminder. Shamanic Dance tapped me back into healing thru movement. Gratitude!

-Shanti Shakur 

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